Dental X-rays, Exams and Cleanings with a dentist in Los Banos, California

Taking good care of the smile doesn’t stop at brushing and flossing at home. It also includes regular visits to the dentist in Los Banos, California, for cleanings, examinations, and even dental x-rays. Dr. Benjamin Seaton and his team are committed to providing patients with ways to care for their smiles proactively. If you are long overdue for your six-month dental checkup, we welcome you to our practice!

What happens at a routine dental examination?

There are three steps to a recall visit with the dentist. Patients should visit their dental provider every six months to undergo x-rays, examinations, and cleanings.

  • X-rays. Our practice encourages patients to have x-rays done during their first visit to our practice and at subsequent appointments afterwards. We offer panoramic dental x-rays that allow us to see the entire smile in one visit. These x-rays not only allow us to look for concerns such as periodontal disease or tooth decay but monitor the health of the smile beyond what the eye can see. They are also used in planning procedures such as dental implants.
  • Examination. During the examination, we will evaluate the smile to look for signs of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. We also assess dental restorations, such as fillings and crowns, to ensure they are in place and functioning as desired.
  • Dental cleaning. Dental checkups also include a cleaning of the teeth, during which the removal of calculus and plaque occurs. When complete, the teeth are also polished to look beautiful and healthy! Our team will also educate patients on good oral hygiene habits to practice at home between visits to improve their smile’s health.

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Benjamin Seaton of Los Banos, California, is pleased to provide solutions for the smile, including general, cosmetic, and restorative family dentistry. If you need an evaluation and are ready to work with our team of professionals to obtain the care you require for a healthier smile, call (209) 812-0041 to request an appointment. We are available at 816 2nd Street and accept new families and individuals seeking quality dental care in the community.