Porcelain crowns for Los Banos, CA smiles

A dental crown or “ceramic tooth cap” is a restoration used to restore a tooth that may have significant damage to its structure. This restoration is one of the most popular in dentistry. At the practice of Artistry in Smiles of Los Banos, CA, patients will find that the dental crown is an excellent way of repairing a tooth for many years to come. Though dental crowns need to be replaced from time to time, they will often last several years before patients need to consider this.

Why might I need a dental crown?

There are various situations in which the experienced dentists at Artistry in Smiles of Los Banos, California, may recommend creating and placement of a dental crown. They include:

  • Fractured/lost fillings
  • Large fillings that impact the tooth structure
  • Root canal therapy/endodontic therapy
  • Broken/chipped teeth
  • Cosmetic imperfections (permanent staining, etc.)
  • Creation of a dental bridge
  • Covering the abutment of a dental implant (tooth replacement)
Porcelain cap

Placing a dental crown

The process needed to place a crown requires two dental visits. During the first one, the patient is evaluated to determine if the dental crown is right for them. Preparations are made, which require the removal of dental enamel around the entire tooth. Impressions are created of the tooth, and these molds are mailed to a dental ceramist to fabricate the final restoration. In the meantime, the dentist will place a temporary restoration until the new one returns. Patients make their second appointment during which the temporary is removed, and the final restoration is bonded in place. The whole process can take a week or two, depending on how long it takes to make the final dental crown.

Restore your smile with the help of Dr. Benjamin Seaton and his skilled team

Patients in Los Banos, CA and the nearby communities of Santa Nella, Dos Palos, Gustine, Newman and Hilmar area, faced with the need for dental crowns are advised to speak to a trusted dental professional at Artistry in Smiles  to determine if this is the correct restoration for their needs. Call (209) 812-0041  to request a consultation appointment with Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton and his team. The office is located at 816 2nd Street and accepts new patients.