Preparing for bone grafting with a Los Banos, CA dentist

Bone loss may occur in many patients for various reasons. For some Los Banos, CA patients, bone loss happens due to periodontal disease. Others may notice bone loss after having a permanent tooth extracted or removed due to damage or injury. At Artistry in Smiles, Dr. Benjamin Seaton will often recommend a procedure known as bone grafting, which rebuilds the jawbone for cosmetic purposes, restorative purposes, or to accommodate dental implants in the future.

How does a bone graft work?

Bone grafting is done to restore and repair the jawbone. That may be done due to the natural loss of bone after the extraction or loss of a tooth. Or to prepare a smile that may have been impacted by periodontal disease to accommodate the placement of dental implants for tooth restoration. Bone grafts are achieved with donor bone from the patient or someone else, or your dentist may consider artificial options.

Does bone grafting hurt?

Like all dental procedures performed by Dr. Benjamin Seaton, patients are comfortable from start to finish. That is due to the use of local anesthetics and proper sedation to make patients feel less anxious in the dental chair before and during their treatment. Afterward, patients may need over-the-counter pain medication to address any discomfort they may experience for a day or two following their surgery.

What to expect after dental bone graft

Patients who undergo this oral surgery will be given aftercare instructions. They can expect some mild discomfort from the treatment and might notice some swelling or bruising. Patients need to closely follow their post-operative instructions to significantly reduce their risk of developing an infection or other complications that may require additional care.

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