Los Banos, CA orthodontics can straighten teeth and improve smiles

A misaligned smile can be problematic, and not just because of the appearance of the smile. Teeth that are not correctly aligned can significantly increase a patient’s risk of cavities and periodontal disease due to food that can become trapped. Additionally, a straighter smile is a more attractive smile. With orthodontics with Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton of Los Banos, California, patients can improve their appearance and enhance their smiles!

What types of braces are available with Artistry in Smiles?

Patients of the Los Banos, CA area who are considering braces are excited to learn that they have a few different options to choose from for both children and adults. Below are a few of the dental braces offered at our facility used to straighten teeth:

  • Traditional braces – this method uses metal brackets and wires to move teeth into proper alignment. The brackets are glued to the tooth and connected with wires that are adjusted to ensure the teeth are gently repositioned within the arch. We offer tooth-colored ceramic braces which are less noticeable, but these tend to be easily stained.
  • Invisalign – another option is that of Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that the patient wears to reposition the teeth as well. It is a much more discreet option, as the trays are hard to distinguish from the natural teeth while patients are wearing them.

Schedule a visit today to find out if you can benefit from treatments to straighten teeth

Dental braces are often used for patients who have mild to severe misalignment of the teeth and dental arch and continue to be the most popular way to achieve a more beautiful smile when gaps and misalignment are present. If you live in the Los Banos, CA area and are interested in learning more about the advantages of orthodontics, contact Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton and his team at Artistry in Smiles by calling (209) 812-0041. The office is located at 816 Second Street and accepts new patients and families considering quality dental care in the community.