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Restoring the smile after tooth loss is essential for many reasons. That includes aesthetics, bone health, and the function of the smile. When patients experience extensive tooth loss due to injury or periodontal disease, they may use full dentures for some time. However, full dentures are not for everyone. And patients in the area of Los Banos, California, who are looking to eliminate messy denture adhesives and lack confidence in full dentures may want to ask their dental team about the benefits of full arch implants and implant-supported dentures. Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton of Artistry in Smiles of Los Banos, CA  is here to help!

What is complete arch restoration?

Your dental arch is the upper or lower line of teeth that make up your smile. When teeth are missing, patients are unable to enjoy all their favorite foods. Patients who have had tooth loss for some time before replacing their teeth may also find that they experience bone resorption when wearing full dentures over the years. Instead, patients may consider complete arch restoration with implants. Dental implants are tiny metal posts used by a dentist to hold a conservative bridge-like denture into the smile. Implants are highly desirable because they eliminate the need for denture adhesives, allow patients to enjoy all their favorite foods with confidence, and maintain the natural bone of the jaw.

Who is a candidate for complete arch restoration?

Dental implants are often placed in patients who have sufficient bone available for the implants to take hold. Without this, the implants may fail. That is when bone grafting procedures may be considered to build up the area and accommodate implants for full-arch restoration. Determining candidacy is often accomplished with dental x-rays used to visualize the patient’s bone structure and plan for such procedures.

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