A Los Banos, CA area dentist offers root canal therapy

The words “root canal” often bring to mind stories of pain and discomfort. Fortunately, the procedure itself is relatively pain-free, and patients will find that it often relieves them of issues that lead to the need for root canal therapy. Dr. Benjamin Seaton and his team at Artistry in Smiles in Los Banos, CA, is here to help with root canal therapy, or “endodontic treatment,” which is often a method used to save a tooth from permanent extraction.

How to save a decaying tooth

A tooth that has been impacted by severe tooth decay, or cavities, may become large and deep. It can reach the inner dental pulp of a tooth and cause an infection that can only be addressed with endodontic treatment. The alternative is extraction, which should be avoided whenever possible with the help of our dental team at Artistry in Smiles.

What to expect from root canal therapy

During the root canal treatment, patients can expect the following steps:

  • Sedation/anesthetic. We want all patients to be comfortable, so we provide local anesthetics and sedation.
  • Access. The dentist creates a hole in the tooth which provides an access point for the inner canals.
  • Dental pulp removal. The mass of tissues inside of the canals called the dental pulp are removed.
  • Disinfection. The inner canals are disinfected to remove any trace of bacteria that may reside inside of the tooth.
  • Sealing. The tooth is sealed with gutta-percha, composite resin, and often a dental crown is placed over the top of the tooth.
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Root canal therapy is a very common procedure. It has a reputation of being undesirable and painful. But when done properly it is actually painless. Every tooth in your mouth is composed of a crown and a root. When a cavity or bacteria penetrates the tooth, the root and its nerves become irritated. As a result, the bacteria within the pulp cavity needs to be removed and cleaned in order to restore the tooth to its healthy state. Following the procedure, the tooth is fragile and consequently is restored with the natural crown for a lifetime of durability. Root canals have a success rate of 95% or greater. Most root canal are diagnosed by patients’ sensitivities to a specific tooth. Be sure to consult your dentist any symptoms or discomfort occur.

When patients are evaluated to determine if root canal therapy is right for them, Dr. Seaton will educate them on what to expect from start to finish!

Do you need endodontic treatment?

If you need root canal therapy and live in the area of Los Banos, California, connect with our team of professionals today at Artistry in Smiles. Call (209) 812-0041 to request a consultation visit and obtain an initial evaluation to determine if root canal therapy is right for you. The office is conveniently located at 816 2nd Street and accepts new patients.